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Bitterness - Poem :| Empty Bitterness - Poem :|

Post by Jumi on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:54 am


Simple begining in love is sweet.
To people around me, i am complete.
but now shes gone, i dont know what to do.
moving on is the hardest way to get through.

Days had past,years has been count.
still nothing, i think im out of bound.
I'm still missing her to the coldness of night.
wishing that she'd be, in my dreams so bright.

After waking up, i realized i am such a fool.
to make her out of me, i used to be whole.
But i cannot have her, she's not mine anymore.
she's on a better hands. i should worry no more.

Still regretting every day and night.
She moved on, what a fucking sight.
it was unfair, she already get through.
while me, just sitting here waiting to be screwed.

Now, the love we used to share.
is now the pain i have to bare.
You make my heart, sad and having cry
Now i wish, no, i hope you die.
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