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Post by fujiko on Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:47 pm

Vile Rebellion 
This spell will cause the most terrible kind of betrayal: the betrayal of their own bodies. Target organisms resist this spell if successful, he would feel the pain and nausea for 1d4 rounds. If he fails exemption, it will collapse, officials camera 1d4 rounds, and then his hands, feet, torso a drop of blood will not flow to separate and parallel tracks. neverwinter gold Only the target's head was still under the control of his own. These separate lives but quickly lost limbs into undead, depending on them to do two sizes smaller than the target organisms zombies. Caster can control these zombies, just like using negative energy command undead. Target's head is still alive, which spells to support his life, but permanent loss of 1d3 points per round perception, until he seemed to be "insanity" effect so far as completely crazy. Skull just verbal component can cast spells, but otherwise can not do anything, as helpless state. 
Yet in the target limb detachment, successful "dispel magic" can end the "five bodies fragmented." However, once the separation has occurred, it is only by all the limbs are collected together to display their "counter evil," and then with "regeneration", it can make the target restitution.


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