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Welcome to our official Forum

Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment to socialize with each other but as always, we should limit our freedom by following these rules and regulations:

Offensive Language
- You cannot use any language in our forums that is offensive to others. This includes swearing, racist and obscene comments.

Spam and Troll
- You are not allowed to create post of pure gibberish, sole purpose of causing unrest on the forum or insulting threads to other forum users.

Posting Untrusted Sites
- You are not allowed to post such sites that could bring harm to the community. Threads or topics containing such will me removed.

Encouraging others to break our rules
- You cannot try to convince other members to break our rules or deceive them in thinking doing so is not breaking a rule.

Creating multiple accounts
- One account is enough for someone to use. Accounts coming from the same user will be deleted.

Advertising Websites
- Websites that are posted should have the ff. format:

e.g., this should be edited to...
     hxxp:// We'll do this to avoid being traced.

- No Pornographic Contents (nude pics, pictures showing adult content, and the likes)

Read the guide on posting
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We will delete litter when necessary. Community members that frequently litter will be warned.

We understand that some people are new to our forums, so we encourage the general community to help new users learn acceptable conduct.

Thanks for making the forums a better place.