Friends to lovers. not lovers to friends. - Poem

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Friends to lovers. not lovers to friends. - Poem

Post by Jumi on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:57 am

Friends to lovers. not lovers to friends.

I notice you crying at the corner.
I walk through and notice, i break down my border.
I come to stop your fuckin' misery
But do i have the squeemish bravery?

You treated me as your friend
No more no less.
i thought our relationship can't be bent.
You said I were the best.

So there it were.
we became lovers.
Dont you know how do i love her?
I'll tell to all even the four corners.

We were so happy
Sharing our love in the bloom fields.
I can't believe it became crappy.
Your love really become wields.

Your guy comes back
leaving me with sorry
Do i still have to worry?
For catching all your misery?.

What was i thinking
we were only friends
Should i stop dreaming?
I know this has its ends.

So there it were
I passesd through my border.
I dremt i would be happier
No, it only makes me lower.
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