The Funny stuff. just for her. - Poem

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The Funny stuff. just for her. - Poem

Post by Jumi on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:55 am

The Funny stuff. just for her.

I laugh You laugh
its funny, i do ridiculous craft.
Laughing stuff as i may be.
But dont you know im not tear-free?

I as a person change
now i'm totally out of place
Dont wanna do funny stuff no more
She's gone, what the Fawk for?

I now promise and crossed my heart.
to be serious like just the new old start.
i am also sorry for persons i hurt
Dont worry, imma face my own dirt.

Next beggining is a new stuff.
Now you'll see my other half.
i'll be kind and watchful of my lips
I'll think of it, before a word will slip.
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