AT&T cell phone text daily jokes went away :(?

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AT&T cell phone text daily jokes went away :(?

Post by sarman on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:35 pm

I was, for a year, getting a daily text message on my AT&T phone, for 99 cents per month for each of 3 categories. One was Jokes, one was Trivia, and the last was Superstitions. I got a text monthly saying I renewed it, which was fine. Then last month I got a text saying I cancelled it. I was busy at work, didn't think about it until a few days later, but by then, I had already cleared out all my messages.

I can't figure out where to sign up for them again. I called the AT&T customer service, but they had no idea what I was talking about. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to sign up for them again? It wasn't 99 cents a message, either, it was 99 cents a month. Bill just shows SMS Trivia, etc, that's it.

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